Waiting area seating

Waiting area seating designed with comfort in mind


Whether it’s in an airport or hospital, nobody likes waiting around. Here at Zoeftig, we have designed top quality waiting area seating to make sure your waiting area is comfortable, stylish and practical. Our range includes a variety of seating that boasts all 4, these include:

Zenky & Zenky Plus
* Landscape
* Zineare

We can even take your waiting area seating into the future with in-seat power. We understand that some people may be waiting for hours on end, with the in-seat power they can charge a range of devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and any USB charged devices.

The simple yet practical Zineare waiting area seating design has been used across the globe for train platforms and bus stations. Whereas the Zenky & Zenky plus and inFINITE can be found in some of the world’s extravagant airports such as:

* Dubai International Airport
* Hong Kong International Airport
* Ashgabat International Airport
* And more case studies

Fill in the online enquiry form or download the individual product brochures and CAD’s for more information about our waiting area seating.