Zineare - The Essential Train Station Seating Solution

About Zoeftig

At Zoeftig we are committed to all things seating, this is how we have established ourselves as a global leader in the design and manufacture of public seating solutions. By combining expert engineering with innovative aesthetics, our seating ranges are the number one choice in a range of public sectors from healthcare to train stations. 

Railway seating for UK Train Stations

Our train station and railway seating has been popularly used across the globe, and UK train stations are no exception. Zoeftig has worked with leading UK rail operators including Network Rail, Arriva, Docklands Light Railway, Connect and the First Group Franchises since the privatisation of railways during the 1990’s. 

Why Choose The Zineare Range For Train Station Seating?

The most popular range of train station seating from Zoeftig is surely the Zineare range. This range of railway seating is the best solution for many rail operators for a number of reasons. 

The Zineare range has been manufactured with steel making it suitable for indoors and outdoors environments. As the the UK has a varied climate that can change quite rapidly in terms of temperature, humidity and salinity, Zineare is the perfect solution for enduring these unpredictable weather conditions.

UK train stations are the fifth most used in the world, therefore, in addition to train station seating and railway seating that can allow any type of weather, they must withstand thousands of passengers a day whilst still providing comfort. We have expertly engineered our train station seating to be robust enough for long term use and is still welcoming to travellers with its refined style and high level of comfort. 

Railway Seating is essential on any railway platform and Zoeftig train station seating has become renowned with impeccable quality. This is why there are currently over 5000 Zoeftig train station seats situated in some of the busiest train stations in the UK, including London Paddington.

For more information on finding the ideal train station seating and railway seating for your needs, use the online enquiry form or call 01288 354 512.