There’s more to Mauro,
our exclusive new bench, than meets the eye.

Originally designed for T1 at Barelona Airport by the renowned architect, Ricardo Bofill,
Mauro is a spacious and modular seating for airport terminals that combines an elegant design with an unrivalled level of comfort.

The secret to Mauro’s unprecedented level of comfort is hidden inside. The outer metal structure is totally covered with semi-rigid polyurethane and also includes several modules of the same material to house the interior metal structures of the springs. This flexible flat spring structure and unique elasticity of construction ensure Mauro is a seat that’s as easy on the body as it is on the eye.



Durability goes hand in hand with comfort and aesthetic appeal. The semi-rigid polyurethane foam is highly resistant to damage and wear and tear, while the fully integrated metal central bar anchoring all elements of the seat to the floor ensures a sturdy and resilient structure.

Sleek and stylish in appearance, this generously sized, ergonomically designed modular bench features a polyurethane covered metal perimeter backrest and central module available in a wide range of colours and finishes, such as natural leather or vinyl, effectively allowing you to customise the seating to your own most specific requirements. 

Every consideration is given to enhancing the visual appeal of Mauro. So, the single central bar is fully integrated into the seat and backrest modules, with none of the anchoring elements such as screws or rivets on view. Similarly, the regulators on the legs used to compensate for any floor unevenness, are discretely hidden away from view.

Mauro is more straightforward too. Quick and extremely effective mounting is assured, with the backrest and seat assembly simply slotting into the cylindrical tie-rods joined to the bar.  

Mauro by name. More durable, more stylish and more comfortable by nature.