inFINITE is the shape of things to come. Literally.

Our own specially developed Z-form polyurethane takes resilience and durability to new heights, and is ideally suited to meeting the demands of today’s modern passenger terminals. It’s also exceptionally easy to clean, an important consideration where there’s high passenger through-flow.

A high degree of design flexibility, thanks to the huge range of colour options available with polyurethane, goes hand in hand with stylish good looks. The inFINITE range comes in a wide range of stunning finishes including laminated wood and leather upholstery.


Simplicity doesn’t just happen. 

It’s not just the seats themselves that help make the inFINITE experience so comfortable. The modularity of the system facilitates the easy introduction of tables, allowing passengers easy access to food and drink, while InFINITE is also available with a range of power options so vital for today’s busy traveller.

And, of course, for architects, planners, designers, operators and travellers alike, there is all the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with Zoeftig – the airport seating market leader and the name behind many of the industry’s most innovative solutions.