Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia

inFINITE possibilities with smart solutions

When Indonesia’s busiest airport was faced with the mammoth task of building a third terminal, Zoeftig soon became the clear front-runner as the seating provider of choice.


Its inFINITE seating range met the brief with ease, providing the versatility and adaptability crucial to keeping up with the ever-changing needs of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport.

The project saw the debut of the Zoeftig inFINITE Recliner, fitted for the first time ever in an airport. Commissioned in February 2016 to install 3,000 inFINITE units altogether, 430 of these were in the brand new Recliner option. Conscious of the long hours often spent in airport waiting areas, the introduction of the inFINITE Recliner provides passengers with an additional comfort factor so crucial to lengthy waits before flights.

Providing a bespoke product for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was key and some of the configurations installed at the airport were as a 3-unit beam with two recliners flanking a half-table. This configuration displayed Zoeftig’s ability to surpass industry standards and tailor its product to each individual specification and customer requirements, allows for space between each seat, which, in turn, allows a little more privacy to each passenger whilst they rest. The configuration of the seating can be reconfigured at any time due to the flexible beamless system designed into the inFINITE seating system. 

Supplying the convenience of an integrated power system, the beauty of the Zoeftig product lies in its ability to be reconfigured according to the evolving requirements of the airport. The inFINITE range allows for extra power units to be added at any time, to accommodate a higher volume of passengers when needed. Many of the inFINITE seats were fitted with smart integral power units. The units lie between the backs of the inFINITE seats, incorporating fully concealed cable management for convenience and aesthetics. Always aware of the diversity of customer requirements, the range provides country-specific plug sockets to reduce the need for power adaptors. The power units also include an intelligent USB charging port that recognizes the connected device and delivers the correct power accordingly. This leaves behind the traditional trickle-charge of other power units on the market, with Zoeftig leading the way in innovation and its awareness of the changing times and requirements in the digital age.

Conscious of surpassing industry standards in both functionality and style, all 430 of the inFINITE Recliners were fully upholstered in a black hard wearing material, featuring a closed seam twin stitch for subtle sophistication. Set against the ‘Elephant Grey’ colour classification of the chassis, the overall appearance of the recliners makes for a striking and elegant finish.

The project concluded in May 2016, with a total of 3,000 seats and 215 half tables installed altogether. The construction of Terminal 3 saw the airport’s total annual passenger-handling capacity rise from approximately 55 million to 70 million, with the new building covering a ground space of 6,124m2

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