Domededovo International Airport, Russia

From Russia with comfort

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing international gateways, handling over 30 million passengers a year, Russia’s Domodedovo International Airport (DME) called for a seating provider that could meet ongoing requirements and easily support its continued expansion.


Requiring bespoke power solutions and exceptional comfort to facilitate its increasing passenger traffic, the airport selected Zoeftig as its first choice in providing a first-class standard.

The relationship, which began in 2007, has seen a total of 3,500 bespoke seating solutions installed so far. One of the most recent installations includes the 2012 DME commission for Zoeftig to provide over 1,200 of its Zenky seats as part of the airport’s ongoing development of its Second Terminal. Zoeftig delivered unparalleled standards of comfort, style and practicality with its high-back Zenky seating in Blue Nile, the airport’s corporate branding colour.

Since the two organisations started working together a decade ago, it’s been clear that Zoeftig was the right choice, providing rigorous attention to detail and bespoke configurations that suited the airport’s individual needs. After the success of the 2012 project, DME then approached Zoeftig to carry out a second installation scheme in November 2016, with a brief to provide 800 additional Zenky high-back seats for the further extension to the Second Terminal.

The additional 235,000m2 added to the terminal will be completed in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, enabling it to support increased traffic handling and cope with the 600,000 visitors expected to attend games throughout the duration of the tournament.

One of the airport’s specific requirements involved the re-design of the innovative Zenky PowerArm, producing a cutting-edge model that has helped the airport to meet the increasing power needs of its expanding terminal with ease.

Domodedovo is the first airport to have the latest design installed throughout the airport, featuring a power arm supplied to end position to provide high power solutions for passengers on the move. The redesign of the current Zenky unit was centred around the requirement to accommodate a European socket.

Traditionally only available with US sockets, the latest Zenky PowerArm is now available with a full range of international sockets, adapting seamlessly to Russia’s power systems.

The latest design of the Zenky PowerArm also provides the airport with greater functionality and flexibility, giving clients the option to choose from either one or two mains electricity sockets, where previously two sockets were always included.

Zoeftig’s diligence and attention to detail has also revolutionised the USB design of the PowerArm, hosting two USB sockets rather than one. The latest technology utilised within the redesign of the PowerArm has provided Domodedovo Airport’s passengers with the highest levels of comfort and convenience.

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