Daxing International Airport, Beijing

Beijing Daxing International Airport Seating Design & Manufacture 

Standing proud on the border of Beijing and Langfang, Beijing Daxing International Airport’s iconic starfish structure is the largest single-structure airport terminal in the world.

Spanning an impressive 700,000 square metres and costing £8.8 billion, China’s new largest airport will support the 170 million passengers expected to fly into the city of Beijing by 2025.

Located 40 miles south of Beijing Capital International Airport, which is the world’s second busiest airport after Atlanta and already running at full capacity, the mega airport will become Beijing’s main airport, easing congestion of domestic and international flights between China’s capital city and the rest of the world.

The aeropolis’ breathtaking architecture, designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, will handle a staggering 300 takeoffs and landings per hour, with the aim of becoming the world’s busiest airport by 2021, with 45 million passengers passing through its gates.

The airport’s interior has been created as if it were a small city, with every element enhancing each passenger’s individual experience. Aside from the luxury duty-free retail and restaurant experiences, there are pet hotels, childcare facilities and workspaces to provide travellers with all the necessities they require.

Over 400 self-service check-in kiosks will handle over 80% of all check-ins, with biometric scanners enhancing security whilst simultaneously shortening queuing times. Airport officials have stated passengers will have to walk no more than eight minutes to arrive at their designated gate.

With every element of the airport designed with the passenger’s convenience in mind, over 7,600 of Zoeftig’s quality Zenky Plus seating solutions have been installed to provide unrivalled levels of comfort and durability. Zoeftig’s team of designers worked closely with the airport’s architects throughout the entire process as part of a “deepening design” strategy, which ensured the enhancement of the product to meet the airport's exacting requirements.

The combination of Zenky Plus seating solutions and Zenky Plus recliners complement the sinuous curves and geometric folds of the airport’s structure, featuring leather upholstery in six bespoke shades and generous PU arm pads for enhanced luxury.

The Zenky Plus seating has been supplied throughout the North West, South West and South-Central zones, with the South-Central location home to the most important area of the airport, the international departures.

First designed over 25 years ago and installed for the first time in Vegas’s McCarren International Airport, Zoeftig’s Zenky and Zenky Plus seating system sets the standard in the industry for comfort and durability, ergonomically sculpted to provide market-leading support and with high-quality foams reducing pressure on passenger’s body.  

The unique design of the Zenky Plus beam seating system provides unlimited resilience, making it suitable for the high footfall gateways and concourses of Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Zoeftig has a proven track record throughout Asia, previously designing and supplying bespoke seating solutions for Kunming Changshui International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Ordos Ejin Horo Airport.

Its extensive relationship with high profile airports across the globe was a leading factor in its specification for Beijing Daxing International Airport, providing resilient, visually striking seating solutions that never compromise on comfort.

Over a six-month period, Zoeftig’s team of designers worked quickly and closely with the airport to design, supply and install a complete, bespoke solution that fulfilled all requirements. The airport’s entire construction, which was completed in just four and a half years, sets the industry standard in aviation, officially opening in September ahead of the country’s 70th anniversary. For more information on the seating solutions we offer, use the online enquiry form, call 01288 354 512 and we’ll be happy to help. Here, you can also view all of our seating case studies

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