Blackfriars Station, London, UK

Olympic standard seating

Before spectators took their seats for the spectacular opening ceremony at the London Olympics on 27th July 2012, we took our seats to London Blackfriars Station as part of a £5.5 million station re-development.


It was essential for any seating to be durable and hardwearing as well as stylish, not only to cope with the influx of many thousands of passengers from all over the world for the Games but also to provide comfortable ergonomically designed seating for many years to come once the Olympics had finished. 

The beautifully designed perforated stainless steel Zenky seats provide an ideal complement to the striking interiors of the new-look station, and in addition to meeting stringent environmental demands, also incorporate ingenious features such as highly visible yellow arms to aid passengers with impaired vision.

Put simply, it’s a seating solution that wins gold for performance and aesthetic appeal.

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