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Zoeftig provides Van Don International Airport with a first class finish

Opening to the public on 30th December, the organisers behind the eagerly anticipated Van Don International Airport have been busy making the final preparations for the first private airport in Vietnam.

Situated in the Vân Đồn District of Quảng Ninh Province, Van Don International Airport is the country’s most advanced airport to date, featuring a contemporary design that includes Zoeftig’s award winning inFINITE airport seating solutions.

As a private airport, the client’s main brief was to create a contemporary aesthetics, based on a concept that distinguishes the airport from other facilities across both Vietnam and wider regions.

In order to successfully fulfil these requirements, Zoeftig’s designers worked closely with the team to provide S curve seating solutions in select shades of red and brown that are installed throughout various areas of the airport to create the auspicious flow of water. This is influenced by the airport’s waterside location, which presented an additional factor for Zoeftig’s designers to contend with due to the humidity and high salt content of the environment.

This made inFINITE the perfect choice due to its construction from composite materials, which eliminates any potential risk of corrosion as no metal elements are exposed as part of the structure. The flexibility of inFINITE also made it the solution of choice, as the beamless structure offers unlimited options for reconfigurability.

Paul Williams, CEO of Zoeftig, said: “We are extremely proud to have worked with Van Don International Airport to provide bespoke seating solutions for Vietnam’s first and only private airport. We pride ourselves meeting the individual needs of each client through unique approaches and innovative designs that redefine our client’s expectations. We are confident this is demonstrated perfectly through our latest installation at Van Don International Airport and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship for many years to come.”