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Zoeftig, global leader in the high-end waiting areas seating industry, becomes part of the Figueras International Seating Group

Zoeftig, worldwide leader in the manufacture of first class seating solutions for waiting areas across many market sectors, has recently become part of the Figueras International Seating Group. This integration allows the Figueras Group to strengthen its service and broaden its offering to architects, interior designers, final customers and contractors which are working on projects that require qualitative, smart and innovatively designed waiting areas solutions.

For almost 50 years Zoeftig has been renowned for designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality seating solutions for passenger terminals in airports, railway stations, bus depots, cruise terminals and waiting areas across the world. Figueras - founded 1929 in Barcelona - has become the global reference in the auditorium, performing arts, VIP stadiums and cinema seating, ranging from fixed to movable seating systems. The integration allows the Figueras Group to strengthen its leadership in the high-end fixed and movable seating industry, enhancing its product range, services and global-local footprint.

The Figueras Group is committed to constantly enhancing the solutions it offers its partners, customers and collaborators across the world, always with a high-end customised and innovative-design approach. 

The Figueras and Zoeftig organisations share a long standing, bespoke approach and customer oriented approach to each project, all of which are overseen by industry leading professionals who manage its design and delivery. Local support is always on hand wherever the project may be in the world, ensuring state-of-the-art technology is combined with the latest thinking in creation and innovation.

About Zoeftig

For nearly half a century, Zoeftig, has been at the very forefront of the design and production of bespoke seating solutions that meet the precise demands of its clients, ensuring they are in line with the cultural, practical and aesthetic specification of each individual commission. The company, with head office in Cornwall (UK), possesses an incredible portfolio of projects, including some of the best-known airports and busiest waiting areas in the world. As an example, Zoeftig seating solutions can be found in JFK International Airport (New York, USA), Domodedovo International Airport (Moscow, Russia), Cape Town International Airport (South Africa), Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (México), Dubai International Airport (UAE), Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) and Sydney International Airport (Australia). These are among more than 200 other high profile airports located around the world that feature Zoeftig’s outstanding seating solutions. Zoeftig is also the industry leader within the global transport, hospitality and judicial waiting area industries, with clients such as Arriva, National Express, Irish Rail, First Group, ScotRail, Port of Dover, Network Rail, Associated British Ports and Dubai Metro, to name but a few. 

About Figueras International Seating

Figueras is the global specialist in the design and manufacturing of high-end fixed seating and movable seating solutions for public spaces, crafted through design, innovation and engineering. With more than 10 Million seats installed throughout the world since 1929, and a multidisciplinary team of 200 employees experts in the high-end Seating Project Industry, the firm leverages its engineering and design capabilities to create innovative seating systems that optimize space and enhance profitability. The firm’s strong reputation in the worldwide market has attracted many high-profile clients. As an example, seating designed by Figueras has been installed in spaces such as the White House pressroom (Washington, DC, USA), Salle XX at the United Nations (Geneva, Switzerland), Hamer Hall (Melbourne, Australia), Cornell University (Ithaca, US), the DR Byen Concert Hall (Copenhagen, Denmark), La Salle School of Arts (Singapore), and UNESCO main hall (Paris, France).