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Why Modern Fixed Seating is best for Airports

Airport seating has evolved a lot over the years, from original hard wooden seats and benches to modernised cushioned, upholstered fixed seating some of which even have charging ports suitable to charge mobile or tablet devices and laptops whilst people wait for their flight. Today’s airports are exciting and engaging places with a modern aesthetic, catering to the likes of the modern traveller.

Innovative Fixed Seating Solutions

Our innovative, stylish and practical fixed seating designs are chosen not only because they look great but because they are engineered and built to last whilst requiring little to no maintenance. Fixed seating such as fixed chairs or fixed benches continue to be the requirement in new and old airports and remain the most popular choice for very good reasons. Such as maximising capacity, easy maintenance as well as them being versatile in the configuration.

Our design team work tirelessly to develop fixed seating solutions that are both durable and comfortable. Our products are built using the latest materials and technology and our design-led approach ensures you get seating that not only looks great but performs well above expectations.

If you require something unique to fit your décor, we can create a set of bespoke designs for you. Our engineers work with both interior designers and architects to develop bespoke seating solutions which complement the interior of any airport.

Here you can also view our latest fixed seating solution case studies

For more information about our range of fixed seating solutions or if you would like to discuss creating a bespoke design, use the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, you can view our complete range of fixed seating solutions.