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The Perfect Railway Platform

About Zoeftig

Public transport is a popular means of travel all of the world, and wherever there are travel stops, from train stations to ferry terminals, there will be people waiting. Our mission is to transform the waiting experience with our innovative seating, which is why we are now a global leader in seating solutions.

UK Train Stations

In terms of public transport, the UK is renowned for its extensive railway system which is the fifth busiest in the world. Due to this there is a high demand for impeccable waiting areas at the many railway platforms that stem across the country. From small isolated stations to the busiest stations that see thousands of passengers a day, waiting areas are crucial to a passengers journey.

What Makes A Good Platform Waiting Area?

1. Cycle Racks

Sustainable travel through cycling is encouraged by installing cycle racks, but they must be bolted to the ground to ensure that they are a safe and secure way for cyclists to store their bikes. 

2. Bins

Robust bins keep train stations clean and tidy. Nothing ruins a waiting experience more than rubbish littered everywhere.

3. Railway Seats

Railway seating is essential on any railway platform, and they must be able to withstand indoor and outdoor environments as well as high traffic. Zoeftig has expertly engineered railways seats that are strong enough for long term use and are still welcoming to travellers with their refined style and high level of comfort.

4. Plants

To improve the waiting area experience, many platforms have planters. They must be made of durable material such as steel and bolted securely to the ground.

Why Zoeftig Railway Seating

Zoeftig’s reputation for high quality railway seating means that we have been able to work with leading UK rail operators since the privatisation of railways during the 1990’s. There are currently over 5000 Zoeftig railway seats situated in some of the busiest train stations in the UK, such as London Paddington, Digbeth Coach Station Birmingham and Swansea Railway Station. 

We work with our clients to ensure that we deliver impeccable seating solutions, whether they are looking for something standard or for something completely bespoke. For more information on finding the ideal railway seats for your needs, use the online enquiry form or call 01288 354 512.