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The importance of your Reception Seating

The reception area is the first thing that any potential client; investor or employee will see when they enter your establishment, so it is vitally important that your reception area and reception seating leaves a fresh and lasting first impression that portrays your business in a good light.

 A good first impression is key

The first impression is the most lasting, your visitors will form their initial opinion about your business based on the look, style and atmosphere of your offices. From your reception décor to the reception desk(s) and your reception chairs, should be in line with your company culture, as should the rest of your workplace. The impression you want to make will depend on your business type which will ultimately dictate the type of reception seating and reception area furniture you choose.

Ensure comfort for your waiting visitors

Make sure that the reception chairs are comfortable, stylish and practical so that your visitors can relax whilst they wait as they may have to spend a bit of time in your reception area as they wait for their meetings or interviews. You could even explore taking your reception seating into the future with in-seat power. We understand that some people may need to look at information or be at a lack of charge with their devices, in-seat power allows your visitors charge a range of devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and any USB charged devices.

Think Aesthetic

Different businesses will need very different reception areas, but the requirements are still the same - a comfortable but professional space that has a welcoming feel when people enter the building. Regardless of business size, you should ensure that the reception seating and the décor are in sync and with a relatively spacious layout so people waiting do not feel enclosed. This will help them feel more comfortable when going into their meeting or interview.


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