Pierrefonds Airport reaches new heights with Zoeftig partnership

Located in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar, Réunion is a French island that spans over 970 square miles and has a diverse landscape of mountains, forests and beaches, as well as an active volcano.

On the south side of Réunion, three miles from the port city of Sainte Pierre, is Pierrefonds Airport, which operates flights to Mauritius and Rodrigues with Air Austral and Air Mauritius. The connecting flights from Mauritius to Europe, Asia and Oceana allow thousands of tourists to visit the island every year. 

To provide its passengers with the perfect waiting area, Pierrefonds Airport installed 200 Zoeftig Contact Plus seating solutions. With a wider seat than the standard Contact size, Contact Plus offers the highest levels of comfort. The clever spacious design features a deep seat and high back, allowing travellers to relax on their journey. 

In addition, the solutions are upholstered in stylish black PVC, with the modular nature and clever mounted design offering a truly flexible seating solution. 

Paul Williams, CEO of Zoeftig, said: “We are extremely pleased to have been chosen by Pierrefonds Airport to provide our latest innovative seating solution, Contact Plus, and are confident it meets the demand of its passengers. We wish the airport all the best for its future and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”