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Celebrating 50 years of first class seating solutions

50 years. Whether you want to describe it as five decades, 600 months, 2,607 weeks or 18,250 days, this passage of time marks a significant milestone in the history of Zoeftig.

Throughout 2019, the leading manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary in designing, manufacturing and supplying first class seating solutions for a wide range of public waiting areas across the globe.

Founded by Alan Zoeftig and Mick Carter in 1969, Zoeftig was built on the principles of producing high quality contract furniture that was inspired by the fast paced requirements of modern movement.

Fast forward half a century and the determination to supersede these requirements lies at the core of Zoeftig, with its team of in-house designers and engineers led by regional directors operating from offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Atlanta and Singapore. Each of the geographical teams are influenced by each continent’s unique cultural influences to continually evolve its seating solutions in line with each region’s specific needs.

At the heart of Zoeftig’s success is its iconic Zenky seating solution, which has been at the core of the business for over  25 years and was one of the first ranges to be manufactured and supplied to airports. The Zenky design originated from the Zoeftig’s unique Zoe Stool, which was first purchased by the British Airports Authority (BAA).

Zoeftig’s partnership with the BAA kickstarted its place at the very forefront of the aviation industry as it quickly became the supplier of choice for airports across the globe. Today you can travel through the world’s airports, from Las Vegas to Domodedovo, and you won’t be surprised to find Zoeftig’s iconic Zenky solution commonplace throughout its terminals.

A passion for innovation is the central component of Zoeftig’s DNA, a genetic marker that has grown ever stronger over the last 50 years as Zoeftig has continued to lead the charge. It’s this determination that made Zoeftig the very first company to design, manufacture and install seating solutions that feature controllable ventilation to significantly improve the passenger’s environment. It’s this commitment that also made Zoeftig the first company to develop and deliver large scale installation of in-seat power provisions, enabling passengers to charge their portable devices whilst waiting for their flight.

Zoeftig was also the first company to create a fully reconfigurable seating solution, revolutionising the expectations of ‘system’ furniture. inFINITE pioneered the use of metal replacement composites that are self-coloured, corrosion free and scratch resistant. inFINITE’s unlimited flexibility and adaptability has earned its place in the centre of the world’s most iconic airports, from Hong Kong International Airport, to more recently being installed in Vietnam’s first and only private airport, Van Don International Airport.

Zoeftig’s global expansion can be attributed to its continued dedication in developing the very highest standard in seating design and quality, led by CEO Paul Williams, Managing Director Mandy Williams and overseen by Design, Engineering and QA Director, Ian Coates. Over the last fifteen years the team has paved the way for Zoeftig’s presence on a global stage, supported since 2018 by its partnership with global seating supplier, Figueras International Seating Group.

Though now part of a larger organisation, Zoeftig has continued to develop and manufacture the most innovative seating solutions for the aviation sector. This can most recently be seen in its latest product, Contact, a unique seating solution that combines affordability with aesthetic appeal, and of course, Zoeftig’s leading standard of ergonomics.

Whilst the aviation market remains at the centre of Zoeftig’s operations, its transition into the wider transport, healthcare and judicial industries remains a key area of success and continued growth.

From working with Dubai Metro to partnering with various countries national Rail networks, to supplying London’s leading tube stations, Zoeftig has become a key supplier to the rail and bus industry through the creation of its high quality  stainless steel seating solutions.

Unsurprisingly, Zoeftig’s innovative seating solutions, including the newly launched double beam system “Landscape” range, have also become an iconic addition to the cruise sector, from Turkmenbashi International Seaport to the Port of Barcelona. Landscape has been designed to be “inclusive” for all passenger and not “one size fits all”.

It’s this continuous drive to provide the very highest standard in seating solutions that has seen Zoeftig grow from a two man dream into a worldwide company that currently employs specialist  professionals across the globe to offer a local service at an international standard. Whilst 2019 will be a year of celebrations for Zoeftig, it will also be a year of reflection as the business takes inspiration from its key successes and achievements.

This will create the foundations for Zoeftig to continue to provide both new and existing clients across the globe with the very highest standard in seating solutions over the next 50 years.