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Bus Station Seating Solutions

From simple benches to coach depot interiors, bus station seating solutions have long been a key element of transit systems. Indeed, as buses have developed over the years, the quality of seating systems for those waiting at stops and stations has had to evolve. It has resulted in Zoeftig producing High-Quality Seating for Bus Stations that offer both comfort and durability.


Here’s why you should consider Zoeftig for your facility’s public seating and chair provider.

What are the features & benefits of Bus Station Seating?

As a form of Public Seating for Transport, there are certain industry standards that need to be met in order to ensure that bus station waiting areas are effective. Regardless of the size of the waiting area, public seating needs to be able to provide users with a comfortable place to sit for extended periods of time. In addition, the individual chairs need to be ergonomic in design, aesthetically pleasing, as well as rugged and durable to cope with the high footfall of many bus stations.


Therefore, Choosing the Right Seating Solutions requires all of the above areas to be seriously considered. Succeeding in this can not only significantly improve the waiting experience of bus station visitors but also change the way your facility is perceived in the long run. And, of course, low maintenance bus station seating can greatly reduce costs over time as well, adding even greater value to choosing the right system.



What solutions do we offer?


At Zoeftig, we provide several different chair products, complete with optional extras such as In Seat Power, that could be the ideal seating solution for your bus or coach station. These include:



Why Zoeftig?


With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Zoeftig understands the Importance of Great Public Seating, and we believe our range of solutions reflects this. No matter the size or design specifics of your bus station facility, we’ll craft a bespoke system of waiting area seating that perfectly matches your requirements and unique style. 


The above is also emphasised by our Extensive List of Case Studies. Here you can find out how we utilised our Zenky range to provide the ideal bus station seating solution for Digbeth Coach Station in Birmingham. It was one of the most ambitious transit facility upgrades of its kind in the UK and underlines our abilities as a leading public transport seating supplier.


So, if you are interested in finding your ideal bus station seating solution, then please contact us by using the Online Enquiry Form or by calling 01288 354512. We pride ourselves on being able to find our customers the right plan for any space.