Upholstered Bench Theatre Seats

Upholstered bench With backrest

Used extensively in numerous schools, colleges, universities, professional theatres and sports venues across the land, Zoeftig SIS’s upholstered bench with backrest has set the benchmark for ergonomically designed, retractable seating systems.  



Seating capacity information

Generally installed on retractable seating systems, the Zoeftig SIS upholstered bench with backrest comfortably increases the seating capacity of a room – and also seats people more comfortably, thanks to its ingenious ergonomic design.

There is a motorised option available, if required, for even easier operation and there’s also a wide range of fabrics, all of which have the in-built durability to withstand the rigours of very demanding environments.

At Zoeftig SIS, we positively encourage client input and a relationship founded on collaboration. It is this mutual awareness and understanding of client requirements, plus our commitment to design excellence and innovation, that enables us to develop a final solution that satisfies every client expectation.