Airport seating

Airport seating designed with comfort in mind

Planning your newly developed or existing terminal is an all-important task that is imperative for the success of your airport. Busy terminals see thousands of passengers pass through daily and with the increasing amount of connecting flights, passenger waiting times are forever increasing.

Not too surprisingly, user comfort is a key consideration with our seat solutions. You’ll be pleased to hear that our ergonomically designed airport seating is as easy on the body as it is on the eye. Making it the ideal choice where people need somewhere comfortable to wait.

You can find our airport seating all over the world. Zoeftig’s global reputation means that we have seating systems in over 200 airports, with a few examples being Beijing Daxing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Heathrow and Miami. Our seating solutions including beam seating, bench seating, terminal seating and waiting room seating. Zoeftig’s comprehensive seating designs provide solutions for everyone, whether it is traditional airport seating, sociable chair clusters or spacious and luxury VIP lounge seating.

As an industry leader, Zoeftig’s seating solutions focus on innovative design. With our tailored and bespoke seating solutions, you can ensure that passengers experience the perfect waiting area. Whether you are looking for an ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke solution, Zoeftig offers a robust yet modern, stylish airport seating for any situation. For more information, or to view our full range of airport furniture, complete our online enquiry form or alternatively click the links below.