What makes Zoeftig Seating Manufacturers

50 Years of British Design

For 50 years, since Zoeftig first laid down the principles of product innovation, the seating manufacturers have been setting the standard for design and manufacture of public seating solutions.

Time and time again, we have set the standard for innovation, quality and reliability. Our seating solutions are proven on every continent across the globe, from China to Australia, from Africa to the United States, from the Middle East to South America and Europe. We are the supplier of choice for the aviation industry and our groundbreaking products can also be found in railway stations, bus depots, cruise and ferry terminals and waiting rooms the world over.
Today, led by CEO, Paul Williams, Managing Director, Mandy Williams and Design Director, Ian Coates, our passion for all things seating remains undiminished. From comfortable airport seating with charging points to durable & comfy healthcare seating, we are more committed than ever to making the best seating even better.  


Seating manufacturers that think ahead

At Zoeftig, we firmly believe it’s all about balance. So, at the same time as constantly striving to maximise the performance of our manufacturing of seating solutions and deliver new innovations to market, we’re also on a relentless quest to minimise the environmental impact of our products and operations. Careful consideration of design, raw materials, production processes and packaging all come into play as we seek to develop solutions that are not only the seating of the future – they are also the seating of a sustainable future.

Awards & certificates

An ethos that sets the seats apart

So, just what is it that makes Zoeftig as seating manufacturers stand out? Over the years, we have always been defined by our commitment to design innovation and industry leading quality. It’s what our customers have come to expect. But where we believe we really come into our own, where we really demonstrate our strength, is in our unique ability to not only maintain but enhance these exceptional standards when providing custom tailored solutions. When we are called upon to meet challenging and exacting requirements, without ever compromising on the performance, reliability and design excellence for which our products are so rightly renowned.

Quality seating manufacturing

There is a reason why our loyal customers return to us over and over. It can be summed up in one word: quality. At the very heart of satisfying our customer expectations is a total and unremitting commitment to achieving a level of quality that is, quite simply, second to none. It isn’t just our ISO accredited systems and quality control procedures, nor even the rigorous strength, stability and fire resistance testing to which we subject every product. It’s also a philosophy that extends company-wide, championed by all Zoeftig employees, to improve upon what is already the best.

You can find out more about Zoeftig seating manufacturers and our products by using the online enquiry form or by visiting the individual sector and product pages and downloading the relevant brochure. You can even take a look at our in-depth case studies, global work and image gallery.