Bleacher Seating

What is Bleacher Seating?

Bleacher seating stands are raised and tiered rows of seats or benches that are commonly used at sports stadiums and other spectator events. The seats are accessed via stairways with every step gaining access to a row of bleacher seating.
Originally, bleachers were made from a simple plank of wood and were open to the ground below. They could be embellished with backrests and protected from the ground below by vertical panels fitted beneath them.

The Origin of the Name Bleachers

The main characteristic of bleacher seating is that they are uncovered and open to the sun’s rays; this leads them to becoming ‘bleached by the sun’. The term ‘bleachers’ used in this context can be traced back to at least 1889. The Dickson Baseball Dictionary described the uncovered seating area as the ‘bleaching boards’ as early as 1877. By the beginning of the Twentieth Century the term ‘bleachers’ was being used to describe the bleacher seating area and the people who used them.

Types of Bleacher Seating

The structure of bleacher seating varies depending on its surrounding environment and location, but most modern outdoor bleachers are made from aluminium tube, a steel angle under- structure or steel I-beams. Typically, smaller bleacher seating areas are constructed from frame based structures whilst larger bleacher arrangements often use I-beam solutions.
Bleacher seating areas can vary from small, portable aluminium structures that can be easily moved into place beside soccer or hockey pitches to larger permanent areas that are part of a sporting stadium or complex. Gymnasiums often install fold away bleachers that slide along tracks or on wheels and are stacked away in an accordion-like manner.

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