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Auditorium seats and seating make for comfortable viewing

When choosing auditorium seating of any kind, a balance needs to be struck between aesthetics and comfort. Your attendees may marvel at the beauty of a venue but then spend their time in discomfort. Alternatively auditorium seating may be comfortable but not draw in the crowd due to its appearance. Zoeftig can offer mass seating which is both stylish and comfortable. Regardless of the size of your venue, Zoeftig may have auditorium seats to suit your needs. We provide many auditorium seating solutions, of various different configurations - so filling your space, regardless of shape, is not an issue.

So much more than auditorium seating

Zoeftig are proud to be the suppliers of seating for many public areas and not just for supplying auditorium seating. We are a trusted, highly reputable company that provide beautiful seating around the world, in airports, hospital waiting rooms and public spaces from Argentina to India. With 40 years experience, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that helps us design and make the ideal auditorium chairs and seats for you. We always have an eye to the future which means that we can provide you with the most up to date designs and stylish auditorium seating that can set you apart from your competition. In addition to this, you can rest assured when furnishing your space with Zoeftig that your auditorium seating will be robust and durable, as well as being pleasing to the eye.

Whether you are looking to fill a large auditorium with rows of stylish seating, or need a seating solution that is both comfortable and beautiful in individual seat format, Zoeftig can help. Our products are split into five categories of seating options for you to choose from including rows of seating with built in tables. All Zoeftig auditorium seats are built with the end user in mind, whilst still maintaining the style that we pride ourselves on.

For more information on the auditorium seating solutions that we have available please contact us today and we’ll be happy to find the perfect auditorium seats for you!

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