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The right arena seating will enhance your facility

Arena seating is usually found in large stadiums and other sporting venues. More recently however it has started to become more popular with other venues showing live entertainment. Arena seating is placed in a configuration whereby seats are placed higher than the row in front of them allowing all spectators and audience members an unobstructed view of the event or performance going on ‘below’ them. This style of seating lends itself to many different spaces such as lecture halls and cinemas.

Arena seating that will stand out from the crowd

Zoeftig are extremely proud to be the suppliers of different types of seating installations for many public areas and not just for arena seating around the world. We are a respected, reputable seating manufacturer that provides seats for airports, hospital waiting rooms and many other public spaces from Uruguay to India. With over 40 years experience in the seating industry, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and understanding that enables us to design and create an arena seating solution that will fit your exact requirements. We always keep an eye on future technological developments – as well as making a few of our own – which allows us to provide you with modern, cutting edge designs while remaining stylish, setting you apart from your competitors. You can also rest assured when furnishing your arena with Zoeftig seating your product will be fit-for-purpose, robust and durable as well as looking fantastic.

Environmentally sound arena seating

When purchasing seating products from Zoeftig we can also guarantee that they have been designed with the environmental impact carefully assessed when it comes to the raw materials used, the production processes and even the packaging of the finished arena seating. The Zoeftig Environmental Management System allows us to follow a framework for making and achieving environmental targets – the Zoeftig environmental performance is continually improving.

For more information on the arena seating solutions that we have available please get in contact with us today and we’ll be happy to find the perfect arena seats for you!

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