Transport seating

Setting the standard for transport seating

Wherever in the world there are large numbers of people waiting for public transport, rest assured you’ll find the Zoeftig range of high performance seating systems.

Whether it’s for train or metro stations, bus depots or ferry terminals, trust Zoeftig to provide just the right seating solution you’re looking for.


Renowned Seating Systems

Our renowned seating systems have been successfully installedinto many waiting areas around the world, from Dover to Dubai,and our long and ever growing list of blue-chip clients includes Arriva, National Express, Irish Rail, First Group, ScotRail, Port of Dover, Network Rail, Associated British Ports and Dubai Metro – to name but a few.

Zoeftig boasts a comprehensive range of seating solutions for the transport sector in a wide variety of finishes. With design and innovation central to the Zoeftig business vision, you can trust our experienced design team to tailor precisely the right seating system to meet your most specific needs. Working closely with station, depot or terminal planning, operations personnel,architects and designers, we will configure a solution to any specification, for any budget – to create the ideal waiting area experience.

In fact, time and time again, where no existing product will suffice, Zoeftig has gone above and beyond to develop the technology and conceive an entirely new seating solution. An innovative custom-built special that’s designed to match the client’s most precise requirements. 

Whether you’re getting a standard solution from Zoeftig or something completely bespoke, the end result is always the same. Transport sector seating stylish and comfortable enough to create a welcoming and inviting environment for passengers, but also robust and durable enough to withstand the rigours of daily use by many thousands of travellers.

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