Superior performance seating

With a proven pedigree stretching back for almost half a century, Zoeftig SIS is the winning team for public seating solutions in the indoor sports arena. Today, we are more determined than ever to deliver a level of innovation, quality and flexible performance that keeps the Zoeftig name out in front.


Specialists in seating for sporting arenas

Zoeftig SIS is no newcomer to the indoor sports seating game. The name widely regarded as the industry’s most innovative, has designed sports seating solutions for many sports facilities around the UK. The QEII Sports Hall at De Montfort University, comfortably accommodating 800 spectators, is just one example of how Zoeftig SIS can provide a bespoke seating system to match any specific requirements.

Our range of retractable seating systems bears all the hallmarks of Zoeftig SIS’s renowned in-built design flexibility, providing different seating options for different events. Both our plastic bench and individual chair options offer exceptional durability and resilience, easy cleaning, convenient one-man power operation and self-storing handrails. Options include a plastic folding backrest for enhanced comfort and dedicated wheelchair spaces within the seating system.

There are also seating solutions available that are manufactured from hi-tech materials. MPC is a highly flexible retractable seating made from an engineered metal replacement composite, ‘Dura Z’, offering a compact contemporary design, adaptive clamping for curved beams and high speed installation.

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