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Zoeftig supplies beautifully robust seating solutions with the emphasis on comfort, style and durability. Our seating enhances a variety of public settings including law courts and healthcare environments with a range of exciting and versatile seating options which allows total flexibility.
Our contemporary, resilient public seating products use state-of-the-art materials and are designed for longevity and style. They are particularly suited to communal areas because of their ease of maintenance, strength and ability to cope with high volumes of people.

From law courts to West End department stores – we have the public seating system for you

Whether you are looking for public seating solutions for magistrates’ courts, government buildings, major universities or world famous West End stores: the sheer diversity of Zoeftig's public seating product range means that a huge variety of settings can be enhanced with the addition of our versatile seating.
Zoeftig is a leading international public seating manufacturer that designs and makes resilient, flexible national public seating systems. Our choice of public sector systems and waiting area seats put you in control of all your seating solutions. As an international public seating specialist, Zoeftig offers innovative products to suit your needs. All of our increasingly popular ranges of public seating systems share great looks and flawless high quality. The need for national public seating to be comfortable and strong in settings where people might be anxious, impatient or nervous, is especially important, and Zoeftig designs seating that is both.


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