Seating in a class of its own

Zoeftig SIS has been the market-leader in public space seating solutions for almost half a century. Today, we are still the name the education sector turns to when it’s looking for seating that is, quite simply, a class apart. Solutions as robust and hardwearing as they are stylish and aesthetically appealing.


Specialists in seating for education

When it comes to universities, schools and colleges, Zoeftig SIS has long been regarded as top of the class for its innovative and highly versatile seating solutions. We have many long years of experience in the education sector and have helped literally hundreds of educational institutions to create highly flexible public spaces, using our design ingenuity to create perfect environments in which students can come together to learn, perform or play.

Zoeftig SIS products have flexibility of design at their heart, and it is this unique in-built adaptability that enables us to provide solutions that accommodate any specific requirement or special situation. Whether you’re looking to create an interactive space or simply want an environment that inspires learning, trust Zoeftig to deliver the bespoke design that matches your needs and achieves your objectives.

Manufactured to the very highest standards, and available in a diverse range of styles and finishes, Zoeftig SIS seating provides a combination of comfort, quality and durability that’s ideal for education market.

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