Kunming Changshui International Airport, China

An airport seating solution with inFINITE possibilities

When China’s first green airport, Kunming Changshui, needed 17,000 seats in just 16 weeks, Zoeftig rose to the challenge.

As well as having to overcome major logistical hurdles, with the airport on the other side of the world and located far inland, Zoeftig was required to provide a truly modular, reconfigurable solution that could be adapted to changing future needs. In keeping with the airport’s green image, the seating also needed to have excellent sustainable credentials.

Zoeftig’s solution was inFINITE – a genuinely groundbreaking beamless seating system incorporating totally reconfigurable, modular elements. The beam was designed out and replaced with individual structural chassis underneath each seat that could be joined together quickly by a patented mechanism. This uniquely flexible design enables inFINITE to provide continuous rows of an unlimited number and also promotes visual harmony with legs and arms evenly spaced.

Most importantly, the reconfigurable nature of the system at Kunming means it can respond to any changes taking place during the airport’s lifetime. Row lengths can be increased or shortened as required, and arms and tables repositioned to locations where they’re needed most.

inFINITE also ticks the sustainability box. With its exceptional flexibility helping to extend the life cycle of the product and its ‘design for disassembly’ ethos, inFINITE is almost completely recyclable. 

It is also the first product in the furniture industry to use high performance engineering composites for all of its structural components. The coloured, injection moulded polymers offer excellent durability, are resistant to corrosion and require no finishing.

Thanks to its modularity, the system is extremely quick to assemble and install, too. Despite the enormous scale of the project (the terminal is bigger than Heathrow’s T5) and daunting logistical challenges, Zoeftig completed the whole installation in just 21 days.

Put simply, Zoeftig has not only provided a solution to meet the many demands of a modern airport environment – with inFINITE, we have set the new standard for airport seating design.
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