Turns out you can have it all!

As elegant and sophisticated as it is versatile and robust: the Zineare proves that when Zoeftig design and manufacture furniture, it’s as hard-wearing as it is good-looking.

When the market demanded a comfortable and durable seating system, Zineare was the first to provide it. Its strength is, literally, its strength, which equips it as well for exterior as for interior use. And Zineare’s as flexible as it is durable; it comes with table, seat and bench options and is available in a variety of finishes. The Zineare is at home wherever people need to wait in comfort, inside or out, which means ferry  ports and railway and coach stations, as well as airports.


National Rail, UK

Flexibility & versatility

Not surprisingly, given its diversity of applications, Zineare can be used in many different ways: indoors, outdoors, light-to-moderate or extremely heavy use. It comes in two different sizes (compact or generous), with two-leg as well as bench options.

Tables and chairs can be interchanged and fitted back to back, and installed with or without arms; rows can be as short as two seats and as long as seven, and tables can be added anywhere in a row to respond quickly and flexibly to altered floor layouts.

The seats’ backs are available as powder-coated perforated mild or brushed stainless steel, with or without plain upholstery or veneered plywood (We can customise the system over and above these combinations, too, should you need it.) And, depending on your requirements, beams can be freestanding, wall or floor-mounted.