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Innovative, design-led beam seating. Clean, crisp lines allied to market-leading strength and durability. Simplicity, comfort and almost limitless versatility, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

The Zenky beam seating range brings you these virtues not just because Zoeftig are beam seating manufacturers who know design, but because our track record, experience and success in supplying seating to some of the world’s great gateways means we now offer an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge design and practical, specialist expertise.

Beam seating manufactured in almost every colour you can think of - we can match our Zenky upholstery to any RAL or Pantone colours. 

Zoeftig - beam seating manufacturers, Zenky beam seating in black
The Zenky beam seating range caters for the body’s many and various shapes, and is designed specifically to support them, in comfort, for extended periods.

Each of its elements has been researched, designed and constructed with the goal in mind of maximum comfort for the longest possible time. And it is this, in combination with its recliner and high-back options, which makes it particularly well suited to the needs of major stop-over terminals.

Sitting for long periods can lead to discomfort, but the Zenky’s seat and back forms reduce the pressures which cause it; they’re helped in this respect by Zoeftig’s insistence on using the very highest quality foams.The Zenky is simple to put together. There are very few components and sub-assemblies (beam, seat, arm and leg) and this idea of simplicity and strength recurs throughout the seat’s life.

Its modular nature makes for easy servicing, its reversible table-tops maximise the product’s longevity, and each of its component parts is constructed with the highest standards of workmanship, the most rigorous attention to detail and a flawless quality of finish, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

Cleaning is simple and doesn’t require any specialist products or expertise and its removable upholstery pads can be finished in PVC, fabric or leather. The Zenky also includes Upholstery Protection Buffers; its seat fronts and back tops incorporate a nylon rubbing strip for extra resilience and protection. And, if required, Zenky upholstery* and paint can include an antimicrobial and antibacterial additive.

As with all Zoeftig products, the Zenky is subject to rigorous strength-testing. It’s not just stable and hard-wearing, it’s backed by Zoeftig’s guarantee. It can withstand the greatest wear and tear, being tested to EN12727 Test level 4 severe contract use and ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-2005.

The seats are easy and quick to install, too. Their feet include a unique and clever self-levelling design which means no lifting is required (eliminating health and safety risks) and, if they do need to be moved, a single-operator trolley is available to simplify the task.

Zenky’s considered design and footprint means that floor cleaning is not hindered, and these same design features offer excellent sight-lines beneath the seats, and along the floors, for security staff. Not surprisingly, given its diversity of applications, Zenky beam seating can be used in many different ways, and the finishes available offer great choice across every budget without any compromise on quality. The seats, backs and benches are available with plain or ribbed upholstery, veneered plywood or powder coated perforated mild or brushed stainless steel. (We can customise the system over and above these combinations, too, should you need it.)

The entire system - seat, back (standard, headrest and recliner), beam, arm, foot, legrest, table, bench unit - is designed to allow almost unlimited configurations. Beams can be free-standing or floor-mounted, seats can be arranged back to back, in continuous rows and in seat-and-table modules of anything from two to seven units. For less linear layouts, corner units can be turned through 90 or 120 degrees, tables can be added anywhere, and curved formations are now achievable.

In addition, we can supply raised-height seating and tip-up arms to meet the needs of disabled users. These seats can be highlighted by featuring the disabled logo on backrests, as well as using contrasting colour upholstery for identification.

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Zenky +

Zenky High back

Zenky Recliner

Zenky Perforated

Standard Zenky Bench

Zenky Compact Laminate Bench

Zenky Perforated Bench

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Standard upholstered - PVC, leather, fabric

Full-width upholstered - PVC, leather, fabric

Ribbed upholstered - PVC, leather, fabric


Perforated painted mild steel

Perforated stainless steel

Veneered Plywood

Veneered plywood with upholstered seat - PVC, leather, fabric


Veneered plywood fully upholstered - PVC, leather, fabric

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Polished arm

Painted arm

Tip-up arm

Arm with PU arm pad

Stainless steel cupholder

Zenky PowerArm

Under-table power

Full table

Half table

Back-to-back joiner table

Full table (perf)

Half table (perf)

Back to back joiner table (perf)

Back-to-back joiner bracket

PRM seat

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