System seating has never been so flexible. Our cutting-edge, award-winning beamless inFINITE seating has introduced limitless reconfigurability to passenger terminals and public spaces around the world.

Now this dynamic seating can be infinitely transformed from traditional rows to convivial arc shapes to functional clusters and back into rows again with just one small modification.
This allows the unique freedom to create remarkable passenger terminal and public space layouts that can be constantly adapted to accommodate changing requirements.
inFINITE. The possibilities are endless.

We can match our inFINITE upholstery to any RAL or Pantone colours. 

inFINITE is a groundbreaking airport seating solution that reflects and responds directly to the needs of the modern airport environment. All other seating systems consist of row lengths of multiple seats mounted onto two legs and a single supporting beam, which means that when an airport comes to reconfiguring a space they are generally confronted by numerous seating compromises, including under-utilised space, untidy rows and seats, and tables or arms not being located in favoured positions, which all become further compounded as the layout evolves over time.
inFINITE is the first truly modular airport seating which offers a system of standardised elements that facilitate complete flexibility and choice by adapting instantly to an airport’s ever-changing needs. The unique nature of this product is demonstrated by the fact that Zoeftig has now patented their solution for rapid product reconfigurability. The inFINITE system not only makes possible simple reconfiguration of row lengths, it also allows for arms and tables to be repositioned to locations where they are most needed. This extends the lifespan of the product, not only reducing long term costs but also promoting a more environmentally responsible approach to product procurement.

Unlike restricted beam-based products, the inFINITE system facilitates continuous rows of an unlimited number, which is more efficient and visually harmonious because all legs and arms are evenly spaced. The visual purity of continuous rows and eradication of the low mounted beam are also key in facilitating a more ‘visually transparent’ airport terminal. Market leading under-seat clearance makes inFINITE easy to see under and around, allowing security staff to quickly spot suspicious or unattended items.  
inFINITE is the first product in its market sector (and the furniture industry) to use metal replacement, high performance engineering composites for all of its structural components, enabling us to work to shorter lead times and manufacture the product entirely in the UK. Compared to traditional terminal seating, this means faster production, more environmentally economical transportation and reduced manufacturing waste.  Zoeftig takes its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously and is continually developing its products and operations to limit its impact on the environment and help to ensure a sustainable future. Although it rarely requires replacing, inFINITE is almost entirely recyclable. The chassis and arms are made from Zoeftig’s specially developed moulded composite called Dura-Z which is 100% recyclable, and the Z-Form polyurethane seats and backs are almost completely recyclable.  Injection moulded parts also require no finishing, further reducing environmental harm and improving recyclability.
Zoeftig has carefully designed every last shape, surface and component junction to avoid dirt traps and speed up cleaning. The small footprint and raised up chassis also means that it is easier to clean under and around. Whilst many airport seating products are finished with paint or powder coating which can easily scratch, exposing the metal below and peeling off over time, inFINITE’s injection moulded components are coloured throughout, making deep scratching far less visible.
inFINITE not only meets the highly demanding needs of the modern airport environment, it exceeds expectations and has set a new standard for airport seating design. Customers now have a contemporary and exciting product that truly reflects the pioneering and modern global gateway.

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