Fixed Tiered Seating Structure

Fixed tiered structure

Whatever the size of your room, whatever the shape, whatever your particular requirement, rest assured Zoeftig SIS has the relevant experience and expertise to design, develop, manufacture and install a fixed tiered floor that raises quality, performance and durability to new heights.


Versatile & modular construction

The benefits of converting a conventional classroom space into a tiered lecture theatre are there for everyone to see – quite literally. That’s because a lecture theatre configuration greatly improves the sight line for students, as well as improving the overall appearance of a room and increasing its capacity.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the transformation of a typical classroom into a fully tiered lecture theatre is a lengthy and time-consuming project. But, with Zoeftig SIS, it can be achieved in just a matter of days. The modular construction of our seating system enables quick and easy installation on-site and our own convenient in-house carpeting and seating installation operation also help to facilitate speedy project completion.

Versatility is also central to our tiered structures. They can be manufactured to any riser and tread specification, and in a straight or curved configuration. There’s also the peace of mind from knowing that the structural design of our floors conforms to BS 6399: Part 1 1996 ‘Loading for Buildings’ and BS449 ‘The use of Structural steel in building’.