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Zoeftig believes that the product should not simply start and end with exceptional seating. We can also provide bespoke layout & space planning, project management, delivery and install services to support your project from start to finish.

With their infinite knowledge of product options and configurations, our experienced team will tailor seating layouts to make the best use of your space. Our design team will listen to your specific needs and requirements, whilst taking into account the technicalities of around-seat clearance and traffic flows. Numerous different layouts can be achieved using our extensive range of seating types, row lengths and configurations. What is more, layouts are future-proof in that they can be reconfigured as required. Due to the modular nature of our seating systems, tables and seats can be swapped, power outlets added or moved, and – most significantly – row lengths and configurations can be modified to meet the needs of a changing environment.

Our designers also collaborate with architects and project planners to assist in colour and finish selection to complement your specific interior design concept, whilst meeting the demands of the particular environment.

Installation can also be planned and managed by us if required. We have experienced engineers and project managers on hand to provide advice, on-site training and additional services should you require them.
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